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This Is S.O.A.N by Witch Hunter Records

Oblivionized & Razoreater
This Is S.O.A.N

Recorded live at Stuck On A Name on July 19th 2014 AD
Live audio and video release
Let It Die set included as bonus download audio content

Gig set up by The Bloated Corpse Of Punk
Released by Witch Hunter Records
Recorded By Ian Boult
Photos by Justine Jones
Filmed by Justine Jones and Zac Broughton
Art and layout by Zac Broughton
Limited to only 100 purple tapes

Track List:


1) Drown Your Daughters
2) Filth Scheming, Shrill Screaming
3) Strangle Your Sons
4) I, Dreadnought
5) Weyward Covern
6) Eeyore (Slipknot Cover)
7) Necropolitan


1) Pathetic, Like Everyone Else
2) Lower Your Expectations
3) Cry Yourself To Ash
4) 57% Old
5) Your Mouth Is A Wound
6) Life Is A Struggle, Give Up
7) Whore Dogs
8) You’re Spineless

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